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TENTATION "Le Berceau Des Dieux" CD

TENTATION "Le Berceau Des Dieux" CD
TENTATION "Le Berceau Des Dieux" CD
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"French metal attack! This could easily be sold as a lost gem from 1985!" - Deaf Forever (DE), 8/10, Soundcheck pos. 2 !!!

"The strongest trve album of the year so far!" - Rock Hard (DE), 8.5/10, Soundcheck pos. 9 / Dynamit !!!

"Dashing guitars, beautiful melodies, unique vocals!" - Legacy (DE), 14/15 !!!

"'Le Berceau Des Dieux' makes it clear that these guys don’t long for the past, but heavy metal represents a timeless genre for them." - Inferno Magazine (FI), 4.5/5 

"Honorable and unadulterated heavy metal." - Scream Magazine (NO)

"The band sounds great and it can’t be understated just how much the French language adds to the overall product." - (UK)

 "The strongest True Metal album for a long time from France." - Musikreviews (DE), 12/15

"With 'Le Berceau Des Dieux', Tentation establish themselves as one of the major references in Heavy Metal." - Thrashocore (FR), 8.5/10 

"Energy and passion!" - (DE), 8.5/10

"The four French take the listener back to a time when metal could still be metal." - Streetclip (DE), 8/10 

"Classic 80s old school heavy metal style! Strike!" - FFM Rock (DE), 9/10

"All discerning metal fans must get their hands on ‘Le Berceau Des Dieux’ pronto!" - Powerplay Magazine (UK), 10/10 !!!

"Tentation are on the right way for an international audience." - Metal Hammer (DE), 5/7

"Heavy artillery from the beginning - an authentic gem!" - Dioses Del Metal (ES)

"An amazing classic Heavy Metal record!" - Forgotten Scroll (GR)

"Tentation flawlessly capture the atmosphere of the golden eighties - an absolute must for fans of French heavy metal!" - Metal Experience (NL), 85/100

"A high level debut!" - Metalbrothers (ES)

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