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SKELATOR "Blood Empire" 12'' EP

SKELATOR "Blood Empire" 12'' EP
SKELATOR "Blood Empire" 12'' EP
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Hot off the heels of 2019’s Cyber Metal, Seattle’s Skelator emerge with the Blood Empire EP to tide fans over before their next full-length — a four-song journey that captures the band at their epic and thrashing best.

"Epic, speedy heavy metal! Good appetizer!" - Zephyrs Odem (DE), 8.3/10

"An entertaining EP – traditional metalheads should definitely check it out." - (DE)

"Good variety and atmosphere!" - Rock Hard (DE)

"True Metal of the very traditional kind." - Saitenkult (DE)

"Sharp, epic, accelerated heavy metal - based on the first half of the 80s." - Flight Of Pegasus (GR)

"The sheer love of playing and championing true Metal has continually kept the fire of Skelator." - Dioses Del Metal (ES)

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