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DARK FOREST "Ridge & Furrow" MCD

DARK FOREST "Ridge & Furrow" MCD
DARK FOREST "Ridge & Furrow" MCD
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The venerable Dark Forest returns with the five-song Ridge & Furrow EP that celebrates their immaculate history and sets the stage for future melodic metal triumphs!

"This EP is a must-have for fans!" - (DE), 9/10

"Melodies for eternity!" - Rock Hard (DE), 8/10

"Catchy, engaging tunes!" - Powerplay Magazine (UK)

"An irresistibly captivating ride on the endless ocean of magic, adventure, folklore and ancient fantasy spirit." - FFM Rock (DE), 9/10

"Grandiose guitar melodies!" - Deaf Forever (DE), 9.5/10

"With this release the band has set up a beautiful memorial to a legacy of 20 years while illuminating a path into a bright future." - Epic Metal Blog (DE), 100/100

"Five songs of pure beauty and brilliance! This is essential!" - Metal Rules (UK), 5/5

"Memorable and unique!" - Kaosguards (FR)

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