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MYTHOSPHERE "Pathological" CD

MYTHOSPHERE "Pathological" CD
MYTHOSPHERE "Pathological" CD
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Past and present members of Beezlefuzz, Fates Warning and Pale Divine team up in new band that marries pure metal with rich, progressive rock flourishes!

On their Pathological debut album, Mythosphere re-ignites the flame of classic, emotional metal with eight songs of depth, introspection and harmony. 

Pathological track listing:


  1. Ashen Throne
  2. King’s Call to Arms
  3. For No Other Eye
  4. Pathological
  5. Walk in Darkness
  6. Star Crossed
  7. No Halo
  8. Through the Night


Mythosphere lineup:


Dana Ortt: Vocals/guitar

Victor Arduini – Guitar

Ron McGinnis – Bass

Darin McCloskey – Drums

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