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RECEIVER "Whispers of Lore" LP BLACK

RECEIVER "Whispers of Lore" LP BLACK
RECEIVER "Whispers of Lore" LP BLACK
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Epic metal collides with folk and NWOBHM in an album stocked with fantasy and allegory!
The debut offering from Cyprus pure heavy metal band Receiver, Whispers of Lore is a climatic, melody-dominated adventure for the ages! 

"With the artistic ideas and style they manifest, its just a matter of time the world to truly discover and embrace their music." - The NWOTHM (UK), 8.5/10
"This is top quality metal the way it was meant to be delivered." - Metal Digest (INT), 8/10
"Receiver have a lot of energy to spare and the right determination to write interesting records." - (IT)
"Light-hearted textures, distinctive vocals, and solid, unpretentious songwriting." - Angry Metal Guy (UK)
"Beautiful guitar melodies!" - Rock Hard (DE)
"An exciting album that demonstrates the style and pomp of traditional heavy metal, with a unique edge through the folk influences!" - (UK), 8/10
"A great introduction to a band that manages to honor the traditional heavy metal sound." - Female Fronted Power (INT)
"The energy and enthusiasm literally oozes from this album!" - Rock Hard (SK), 4.4/5
"If you’re into honest, unpolished heavy metal, this is an album that will make you more than happy." - Forgotten Scroll (GR)
"'Whispers Of Lore' gives a serious stamp of quality and promises even more for the future." - Soundcheck Network (GR)

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