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"Energy and freshness!" - Rock Hard (DE), 8.5/10, Soundcheck pos. 4 / Dynamit !!!


"Refreshing and first-class melodic metal!" - Metal Hammer (DE), 5.5/7

"The title says it all! A musical showdown without taking any prisoners!" - (DE), 9.5/10, Soundcheck pos. 3

"The musicianship is indisputably excellent." - Powerplay Magazine (UK)


"Catchy with odd mysticism!" - Rocks (DE), 8.5/10


"Fiercely good guitar playing!" - Scream Magazine (NO)

"This album is 100% metal!" - The NWOTHM (UK), 9/10

"Mega Colossus are in full swing with their fourth LP!" - Musikreviews (DE), 12/15

"An intense album, with depth and charisma!" - Via Nocturna (PT), 90/100

"This is an album to jumpstart 2024 with. Don’t miss it." - Velvet Thunder (UK), 9/10 

"Fresh, motivated, entertaining, catchy!" - Rock Garage (DE), 9/10

"'Showdown' is simply a good fun album!" - (DE), 8/10

"A colossal first highlight of this young year!" - My Revelations (DE)

"Hooks, catchy choruses and a little bit of pop culture!" - Metalunderground (AT), 4/5

"Mega Colossus prove once again how skillfully they can combine harmonies, riffs and hooklines with concise vocals to create catchy songs." - Legacy (DE), 11/15

"Lyrically nerdy, catchy yet gutty, 'Showdown' is a ONE-OF-A-KIND album that is simply freaking good!" - Forgotten Scroll (GR)

"Passion and skill meet outstanding songwriting - this is a must-buy!" - Epic Metal Blog (DE)

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