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PHARAOH "Ten Years" CD

PHARAOH "Ten Years" CD
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PHARAOH "Ten Years" CD
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PHARAOH was formed in 1997, quickly gaining an amazing success in virtue of their genuine love for classic heavy metal but also for the outstanding technical ability of their members. Featuring the vocal skills of former Control Denied's vocalist Tim Aymar, drummer Chris Black (Dawnbringer, Superchrist, High Spirits, ex-Nachtmystium), bassist Chris Kerns, and guitarist Matt Johnsen (Fool's Game, Dawnbringer), PHARAOH continue to confirm their status of a well-oiled American heavy metal force!

Entitled Ten Years, the new release contains two unreleased songs from the Be Gone recording sessions, two tracks previously released only as a bonus 7'', and two covers; New Model Army's "White Light" and Slayer's "Tormentor." 
Ten Years Track Listing:
1. Ten Years
2. When We Fly
3. White Light
4. Reflection and the Inevitable Future
5. Nothing I Can Say
6. Tomentor

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