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MAUSOLEUM GATE "Mausoleum Gate" CD

MAUSOLEUM GATE "Mausoleum Gate" CD
MAUSOLEUM GATE "Mausoleum Gate" CD
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"Epic, Majestic and Bizarre... One of the best newcomers in years"
(Deaf Forever-DE) 
"Mausoleum Gate are destined to be the next hot ticket item when it comes to vintage-sounding heavy metal" 
(Heavy Metal Time Machine)
"If you're looking for something truly different that will have you hooked on the first spin, Mausoleum Gate is a must hear." 9/10
(Apoch's Metal Review) 
"Full of that classic late 70's/early 80's heavy metal sound with doom tendencies and soaring vocals. They're going to be huge if they can keep this up." 
(The Blog of Doom)


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