OVERMASTER: “Madness of War” worldwide release set for the 23rd of April 2010

The first OVERMASTER album “Madness of War” will be released worldwide on April 23rd by CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC.
OVERMASTER features Gustavo “Gus” Gabarró formerly with White Skull on vocals, together with other professional and skilled  Italian musicians coming from past experiences with Skylark, Highlord and Edge of Forever.
Over the sad topic of war, Gus and Overmaster were able to create a dramatic and emotional atmosphere, where the description of the “madness of war” is expressed through a galloping and unrelenting  drumming and bass lines, a textured guitar work, atmospheric keyboards  and the expressive voice of Gus.  Every piece then fall in the right place, creating an album that musically at first sight might seems  inspired by the Teutonic heavy metal school, but maintains a clear and self-identity thanks to the layered and multifaceted work of each and every one of his interpreters.
“Madness of War” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Fear Studio during the end of 2009/beginning of 2010, with the usual high standard sound quality of Fear’s productions.

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