OVERMASTER, line-up changes and new shows

OVERMASTER, Cruz Del Music recording artists from Milano, Italy, announce the entrance of guitarist Alessandro Parola in the line-up. Alessandro already played some summer shows with the band, and is now a permanent member. The band now gets back to a 5 people lin-up, twin guitar attack, leaving the keyboards behind and thinking of using them only as special guest.

On the live front, the band will come back on stage for a few new shows, the first one being Saturday 22nd of January at Cremona’s Midian Club, Italy. This show will also see Carlos on stage, later busy with his tour assignments with ANNHILATOR.

The band is also looking for festival appearances and is in the process of confirming some important news regarding the live future, so stay tuned for more!!

We remember you that you can still purchase a copy of OVERMASTER “Madness Of War” through our online store.

“Overmaster does bring to the table massive energy and inspiration. Power metal bands are a dime a dozen, and most think all you need is double bass drums and a fast pace to get started. Overmaster puts the ‘power’ back into this heavy metal style by kicking it in the ass with balls out raw energy, sometimes doing it by adding old school thrash.” Dangerdog.com Music Reviews

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