Boldly Stride the Doomed: an interview with ARGUS – part 2

Here is the second part of the interview with ARGUS talking about their new album “Boldly Stride the Doomed” to be released this spring via Cruz del Sur Music…

You’ll be in Europe soon… what do you expect/think of this experience?
Kevin – One of my dreams as a musician has always been to travel overseas to play.  Unfortunately, we missed the opportunity last year. I am a little overwhelmed thinking about all of the great bands that we will be sharing the stage with here in 2 months. Plus I hear they serve pretty good beer in Germany.

Jason – I don’t really think it’s set in for me yet that I’ll actually be playing a gig in Germany for a European crowd.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity and I hope people walk away from the show with a new band near the top of their list of favorites.

Andy – I’m looking forward to it quite a bit.  I’ve always wanted to play outside of the US and am very excited to have the chance to do so.

Erik – I have been to Europe once before and it was a truly awe-inspiring experience – the people, places and hospitality is unmatched.  I cannot wait to set foot in Germany and take it all in once again.  I am extremely looking forward to performing at HOD5 – but also to hanging out with friends/fans and watching many of the other bands’ sets.

BUTCH – The tour I did with Penance back in 2004 was one of the best experiences in my life so I expect this to be no different. I just wish we could stay longer and play more shows. Hopefully our next trip over will be more expansive. We are honored to be included at Hammer of Doom. Can’t wait to get out on that stage and play for everyone.

In a nutshell, what does ARGUS want to bring forward with “Boldly Stride the Doomed”?

Kevin – I think basically we want to just bring some good metal to people’s ears.  Musically and artistically, I think we made the album we always wanted to make, so I hope others enjoy it as much as we do.

Jason – I think we really want to show people our blend of metal influences, we’re all really passionate about playing music and we like to put our stamp on what we write.  We take a piece and spend a lot of time working out the details until we have something that we feel hits the mark, and it’s that collaboration which makes this album a direct refection of the members in this band.

Andy – I think we just want to make the best album we can with a combination of all our different influences.  I feel that we accomplished this and I hope people like the album.

Erik – Overall, I think we just do what comes naturally.  This album is a good gauge of who we are as musicians and especially as fans of heavy metal.  If you are honest with yourself and what you portray, people can appreciate that and identify.   To me, this type of connection is very important.

BUTCH – our goal was to write great songs, great metal songs with no preconceived idea of how doomy or true or old school or modern it had to be – that stuff all comes naturally from our influences. I think we gelled more into our own style on this album. I think we’ve created an album that is heavy, moody, dark, classic and that can’t be pigeonholed really. I hope people enjoy it as much as we do.

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