ARGUS “Boldly Stride the Doomed” Double LP Pre Orders OPEN NOW

ARGUS epic release “Boldly Stride the Doomed” will be released in a deluxe limited gatefold vinyl edition this coming September. Cruz del Sur Music is proud to open its pre-sales to all those who have waited to enjoy this already classic album in the pleasure of a vinyl edition… with such an impressive artwork by Brad Moore, this release will surely gain a place among the best pieces of your record collection.

This new edition of “Boldly Stride the Doomed” definitely has some additional interesting aspects to it:

– It is a limited edition of 500 copies only, double LP gatefold packaging, and printed on 140 grams vinyl for maximum groovy sound quality

– Improved mastering quality suitable for best vinyl audio performance by Justin Weis at TRAKWORX STUDIO

– It comes with an A2 sized poster of the original artwork by Brad Moore

– It contains two exclusive bonus tracks on a dedicated side of the second LP, ARGUS’ personal renditions of classics “At the Gallows’ End” by Candlemass and “Roisin Dubh” by Thin Lizzy

If this is not enough to get yourself excited, hold on, because we reached ARGUS’ guitarist Jason Mucio to ask a few questions about this release and the future of ARGUS

First of all, did you expect such a success for “Boldly Stride the Doomed”? How was bringing it over to Germany to deliver the goods live, and how do you feel about its reissue on vinyl?

I don’t think we really knew what to expect; we knew we had a solid album that we could be proud of and were very excited about releasing with Cruz Del Sur, so we put it out there and played our best everywhere we went and it’s been going pretty well.  I think everyone in the band passed a milestone playing in Germany, it was really an amazing experience and now we’re just waiting for a chance to go back over and play some more.  The vinyl should be a really great release, we spent a little more time than we originally expected recording the bonus tracks and we all think they turned out really well.  I’m hopeful that people will find it’s an excellent addition to the Argus merch lineup and that vinyl fanatics will be all over it when it’s released.

Picture by David Tyler

This edition will add two cover songs as bonus tracks, being Thin Lizzy and Candlemass’ classics. Why you chose such different artists to represent? This clearly shows your wide array of influences, but can you be more specific about this selection?

We’ve always wanted to cover a Thin Lizzy song and Black Rose has been talked about within the band for quite some time it just never worked out previously.  So, when we were deciding what to record we just figured it was time to finally do that one.  I can’t remember exactly who mentioned that particular Candlemass song but it was probably Butch and Andy that decided, we’re all huge fans of the band and it seemed like a good choice to round out the selection; they’re definitely not two songs that sound at all similar.

What is boiling in the cauldron of ARGUS for the upcoming future??

Well, we’ve been playing a few gigs here and there and focusing our practice time on writing new material for another album we hope we can record next year some time.  We’ve got some pretty solid music written so far and it’s been fun to write as it’s been an even more collaborative process than working on BSTD.  We try not to limit ourselves when we write but just to make music we all like and feel fits for Argus.  The next album will be the most telling of the true influences that comprise the band as a whole so we’re all working hard to make an album that will take us to the next level beyond BSTD.

“Boldly Stride the Doomed” 2xLP gatefold can be pre order now through our online store, please click the banner below to place your order!!

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