DARK FOREST “Dawn Of Infinity” Vinyl LP PRE-ORDERS Open Now

DARK FOREST “Dawn of Infinity” will be available on a limited vinyl LP version. We thought that with such a classic sound, DARK FOREST‘s fans would have loved to enjoy this album on vinyl format as well. Pre-orders are open now. Click on the button below to reserve your copy. 10% discount on all pre-orders received until release date December 13th!

The band’s anthemic blend of classic NWOBHM riffs and powerful, modern production has turned some heads thus far. These are some of the press’ comments:

“In the morass of harsh modern heavy metal, abounding with grimy death vocals and little melody, it takes a lot, more than a sense of history, to deliver classic melodic heavy metal. This is especially so if you want to invoke and play the seminal and inspired New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) style (that inspired many youngsters to pick up a Fender). Honestly, Birmingham’s Dark Forest nails it. On their second release, Dawn of Infinity, they secure their position in this grand tradition” – DANGERDOG 4/5

“It’s only when an album as old school as this comes along that one really realises how polished modern heavy and power metal has become. Don’t get me wrong, modern bands can produce some really amazing music, but there’s an extra level of honest passion in the music of Dark Forest that I just don’t detect in some overproduced artists music (…) I dare to say that Dawn of Infinity is potentially the best heavy/power metal album of the year. I cannot recommend it enough” – HEAVY METAL HAVEN 9.9/10

You should take this British outfit seriously into consideration if you want your Metal untamed and traditional without being exaggerating in sing along ‘o-o-o’s and stuff like that” – METALKAOZ 7/10

Pre-order this album on vinyl now!!

Also, check out an interview with DARK FOREST on SCREAM Magazine (Norway, in Norwegian language).
Click on the image to see a larger, readable version.

And also an interview published on METAL HAMMER (Greek version, in Greek language).
Click on the image to see a larger, readable version.

Also, DARK FOREST have confirmed their particpation to METAL ASSAULT II Festival to be held in Wurzburg, Germany on January 14th 2012. The band will perform along the likes of SANCTUARY, HEIR APPARENCY, HIRAX, PAGAN ALTAR, SATAN and more… It will be a great event, for more information please check back on Cruz’s website soon.

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