CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC is extremely pleased to welcome SACRED STEEL in its roster!

…Come on! You know who SACRED STEEL is!
What more should be said about them, besides their name? We do not really need to introduce a band that has been on Metal Blade and Massacre Records, and has released 8 incredible full length albums and 3 EPs?

Let’s just announce that their new album is titled “The Bloodshed Summoning” and comes 4 years after their 2009’s “Carnage Victory”: for all old and the new Sacred Steel fans, such a long wait will be well worth. In fact, “Bloodshed Summoning” concentrates a lethal dose of heavy riffing and aggression typical of what the best Metal release should be made of, including some episodes bordering of thrash metal…

“The Bloodshed Summoning” will be released February 16th 2013 on compact disc with 3 bonus tracks (including one Misfits cover), limited edition vinyl and digital format.

“The Bloodshed Summoning” tracklist:

Storm Of Fire 1916
No God / No Religion
When The Siren Calls
The Darkness Of Angels
The Bloodshed Summoning
Under The Banner Of Blasphemy
Black Towers
Crypts Of The Fallen
The Night They Came To Kill
Join The Congregation
Journey Into Purgatory
Doomed To Eternal Hell

(cd bonus tracks)
Perversions of the scriptures
Unbinding the chains
Dig up her bones

Line up:
Kai Schindelar /Bass
Jens Sonnenberg / Guitars
Mathias Straub / Drums
Jonas Khalil / Guitars
Gerrit P. Mutz  / Vocals


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