SACRED STEEL’s new track “Storm of Fire 1916” FREE DOWNLOAD!!

We are as excited as you fans are about the upcoming release of SACRED STEEL‘s “The Blooshed Summoning” on Cruz del Sur Music. The record will finally hit the streets on 15th February 2013, and to build up anticipation we have decided to render one song “Storm of Fire 1916” available for free download from our Bandcamp page!! Be annihlated by the furious thrashing power of one of the best Teutonic metal bands around these days!!

Remember that you can still pre-order your copy by clicking on the button hereinafter:

Still not convinced by the music? Here are some more advanced press clippings for you:

“German power metal outfit Sacred Steel have produced one of the most ludicrously brilliant heavy metal albums of the year in The Bloodshed Summoning. In fact, only more ludicrous than the actual album itself was the sight of me driving along at 80 mph pounding my fist along to the unashamed heavy metal of “No God / No Religion”. ” from

“Sacred Steel wastes no time in summoning the bloodshed – there’s merely a quick drum fill to start, and then the band hits the ground at full speed with “Storm Of Fire 1916,” a fitting opening track and one of the best on hand.” from




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