ARDUINI / BALICH releases “The Wraith” lyric-video

One month after the release of their debut album “Dawn Of Ages”, ARDUINI/BALICH releases today a new lyric video, “The Wraith”.
The 13-min long composition is one of the strongest of the album and sums up quite well the atmosphere of “Dawn Of Ages”.
Precise drumming, heavy, doom-tinged and sometimes ethereal guitar work acting as a counterpart to the dramatic and passionate vocal interpretation – all elements that are a trademark of “Dawn OF Ages”.

“Dawn of Ages” has been released on February 24, 2017 in compact disc, double (splatter) vinyl and digital and has been receiving a very warm welcome by the media and simple fans of the heavy metal / hard rock community.

A well-balanced and significant mixture!” – Rock Hard (GER), 8/10, Soundcheck Pos. 4 / Dynamit!

Enthralling songwriting!” – Deaf Forever (GER), 9/10

This album is a must-have for fans of Progressive Doom!” – Musika (BE), 90/100

Heavy riffs, powerful voice! This combines classic Heavy Metal with progressive edges and authentic Doom!” – Aardschok (NL)

A powerful project! An offspring of While Heaven Wept, Fates Warning and Dio-Black Sabbath might be called ARDUINI/BALICH!” – Strike Magazine (GER), 9/10

If you like your Metal with a doom riddled attitude and approach, spiced up with progressive dashes and a healthy dose of good, time-honoured Heavy Metal, then you simply MUST check out Arduini/Balich!” – Ave Noctum (UK), 8/10

Monumental!” – Dioses Del Metal (E)

A genre highlight of 2017!” – Legacy (GER), 12/15

Fans of heavy and slightly progressive Doom can’t pass ‘Dawn Of Ages’!” – (GER), 9/10, Soundcheck Pos. 2

Wow! This year starts brilliant!” – Rock Tribune (BE), 9/10

Strong melodies and well composed riffs!” – Scream Magazine (NO), 5/6

A complex and appealing album!” – Spark Magazine (CZ), 5,5/6

The perfect fusion between sombre doom and pure heavy metal!” – Metalbrothers (E), 9/10

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