CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC in cooperation with WALL OF SOUND, NO SUN MUSIC and LIVE TRAFFIC CLUB is proud to present PAGAN ALTAR live in Rome, Italy for the first time on May 11th 2013!

At a time when the music looks backwards rather than forward, a decade in which people prefer to dig deeper into the past of rock history than focus on the present, Cruz del Sur Music presents a concert not to be missed for all fans of the darker side of the musical spectrum: PAGAN ALTAR! Read more “PAGAN ALTAR live in Rome, ITALY”

PAGAN ALTAR “Judgement of the Dead” CD out 28/9/2012

In 1998 Pagan Altar released their first CD in order to put an end to the circulation of unauthorized bootlegged recordings.  When the material was sent out, the name of the album was arbitrarily changed to “Volume I” and manufactured this way, thus giving to the release the name it was known until today.
Therefore for our edition we decided to use the original title as it was meant to be, the original cover artwork and the appropriate song name for “Dance of the Banshee” (instead of “Acoustics” which was another arbitrary decision taken by an “angel” in disguise) as well as a new mastering which gives a fresh sound to this material.
Moreover the packaging includes 16-page booklet with a selection taken from the “Behind the Cloak”’s book, which explains much of the atmosphere surrounding the recording of this material, and anecdotes about one of the most intriguing band ever came out of England.

Please note that Shadow Kingdom Records releases “Judgement of the Dead” in US, with a different layout (only the layout, not the contents) from our edition.