MEGA COLOSSUS announces new album “Showdown”: pre-orders open!

High-octane melodic metal from the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina!

On their fourth full-length Showdown, Mega Colossus matches epic metal grandeur with the hooks and melodies from Rainbow and Kansas!

Recorded with Al Jacob at Warrior Sound in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in early 2023, Showdown catches Mega Colossus in full stride, expanding upon its template of dueling twin-guitar harmonies and gallops. Buchanan’s vocals (think of him somewhere between Diamond Head’s Sean and Harris and Dragonforce’s Marc Hudson) are strident and effortless, carrying forth grandiose, bold choruses that even possess the occasional Styx reference.

But above all else, Showdown is the amalgamation of five very different musicians with something unique to offer to Mega Colossus. It is no wonder, then, that Showdown has emerged as an epic display of uncanny and striking melodic metal, with all the depth and charisma of a band now entering its 20th year.

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL on the road again! October 2010 shows

Bible of the Devil will be doing a few out of town dates next week, culminating with the 10th Annual MHK Metalfest (see info below) to take place on October 30th, 2010 in Manhattan, KS.  Dates are as follows:

Oct. 27th Wed. Chicago, IL @ Quenchers w/Broken Teeth (feat. Jason McMaster
of Dangerous Toys), Fornication Station  $5 donation  Show 9:30pm
Oct. 28th Thurs. Murphysboro, IL @ Da-Nite w/Zuul
Oct. 29th Fri. Wichita, KS @ The Blue Lounge w/Black Gasoline
Oct. 30th Sat. Manhattan, KS @ The Wareham Opera House *10th Annual MHK

The 10th Annual MHK Metalfest is set to kick off next Thursday, October 28th in Manhattan, KS.  The 3-day event will take place at two separate venues; Thursday’s show happening at Mel’s Tavern with the Friday and Saturday shows taking place at the Wareham Opera House, both located within a block of each other. Read more “BIBLE OF THE DEVIL on the road again! October 2010 shows”