RAFF – Official Self titled album to be released soon

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC & RAFF are extremely proud to present the record that Italian metalheads have been waiting for 30 years…

RAFF are historical stalwarts of 1980s Italian heavy metal,  finally writing the most important chapter in their troubled musical career by publishing this first LP. Remember that RAFF were a special band: capable of touring with a very young Iron Maiden during their 1981 Italian tour, they played with the likes of superstars such as Gillan , Ramones and Uriah Heep, and are most famous for having rejected a contract with EMI to stay pure to their own underground rules, without having to bow to the absurd demands of any major label.

Coming in a LP version limited to 500 copies (150 ultra- limited in golden vinyl), it has been masterfully recorded  by Fabio Lanciotti at the “Bottega del Suono“, and presents RAFF as loud as never before… finally free to leave their mark into Italian heavy rock history. This album collects their most famous songs, from “Rafforce Commandos”  to “Rocker”, spanning through “Live It Loud” and “I Trust”…  total hymns for at least two generations of Italian metalheads.

This much needed vinyl release,  besides having the historic RAFF logo embossed on the cover, also includes the “cursed” story of the band as told by long time fan Giovanni Loria, topped off by tons of original and unpublished photos from the era collected in a beautiful 8-page booklet.  A download code to get the tracks in digital format for your MP3 players is also included.
“RAFF” will be also available on compact disc , and released by My Graveyard Productions.

The official release scheduled for May 2, 2014… be on the lookout for this gem from the past of Italian heavy metal!

Bible of the Devil: new song available in streaming

Chicago’s heavy metal slayers BIBLE OF THE DEVIL will soon release their new album “For the Love of Thugs and Fools” on Cruz del Sur Music. Be ready for a jump back into more of the glorious, timeless, purest and ballsy classic heavy metal these guys are known across the globe for: these are some of the first press statements received.

Honestly, there’s not a single old-school metalhead who won’t find themselves singing along to these anthems and feeling nostalgic for the “good old days” of the NWOBHM. SCRATCH THE SURFACE Read more “Bible of the Devil: new song available in streaming”