PAGAN ALTAR “Judgement of the Dead” CD out 28/9/2012

In 1998 Pagan Altar released their first CD in order to put an end to the circulation of unauthorized bootlegged recordings.  When the material was sent out, the name of the album was arbitrarily changed to “Volume I” and manufactured this way, thus giving to the release the name it was known until today.
Therefore for our edition we decided to use the original title as it was meant to be, the original cover artwork and the appropriate song name for “Dance of the Banshee” (instead of “Acoustics” which was another arbitrary decision taken by an “angel” in disguise) as well as a new mastering which gives a fresh sound to this material.
Moreover the packaging includes 16-page booklet with a selection taken from the “Behind the Cloak”’s book, which explains much of the atmosphere surrounding the recording of this material, and anecdotes about one of the most intriguing band ever came out of England.

Please note that Shadow Kingdom Records releases “Judgement of the Dead” in US, with a different layout (only the layout, not the contents) from our edition.


Oslo-based band MAGISTER TEMPLI has reached an agreement for the release of their debut full length with Cruz Del Sur Music.

MAGISTER TEMPLI is considered the most interesting occult metal band raising from Norway as today.
The band was formed in 2008 by singer Abraxas d’Ruckus and bassist/guitarist David (Baphomet) Ulleland and released a first demo in 2010 “Lucifer/Restoration”.
The song “Lucifer” was later featured on Terrorizer doom special’s compilation, raising quite an interest around the band.

The actual line up is completed by drummer Audun (Grimmdun) Ulleland and guitarist Patrick (Patriark/Fjellnord) Møller Nilsen, both hailing from the black metal band Svarttjern.

MAGISTER TEMPLI deal with esoteric, alchemic and ritualistic imagery, and musically could be described as old school heavy/doom metal with non-static guitar textures and passionate, suffering vocals.

The band has just self-released its debut EP “Iao Sabao”, available on cd  and on vinyl on Freshtea records.

Magister Templi’s first EP is a monument to formal, classic doom that fills your ears with the class of bands like Candlemass and Solitude Aeternus, but fills your heart with dread and regret.  All sinners must listen to this EP and lament their impending fate. (

The song “Bornless” can be heard on band’s own bandcamp.

(click image to buy IAO SABAO CD  from Cruz Del Sur Music e-store)

The recording of the album, tentatively entitled  “Lucifer Leviathan Logos”, will start in November for a Spring 2013 release.