ATLANTEAN KODEX New Album Under Way!!

“ATLANTEAN KODEX – tba (coming late 2012/early 2013)

ATLANTEAN KODEX‘s guitarist Manuel Trummer has released some much anticipated news regarding the follow up to “The Golden Bough”. We publish what he has to say, certain that all the ATLANTEAN KODEX‘s fans out there will be please hearing the news…

“The new album is slowly starting to take shape. So far we have around 30 minutes of all-new, unreleased material. There won’t be any demo songs or older songs from previous releases on the album. Regarding the general direction, you can expect the same sound and atmosphere as on “The Golden Bough”. There won’t be any change in style whatsoever. The stuff we have written so far ranges from nice headbanging uptempo anthems to some of the slowest and most epic stuff we ever did”

“In general, my first impression is that you can hear more BATHORY-vibes than on “The Golden Bough”, but there are also some really cool “Hail to England”-moments. I’ve been listening to a lot of early FATES WARNING lately, so I guess this will show in some parts as well. Probably it’s safe to say that our key coordinates still are “Into Glory ride”-era-MANOWAR, “Viking era”-BATHORY and arcane 80s-US Metal served with a healthy dose of NWOBHM, folk and 70s-Vibes. All regressive, all Atlantean Kodex”.

Here’s a list of the  material the band completed thus far:

1. Sol Invictus (maybe the best song we’ve ever written, you’ll wet yourselves when you hear this one. Great lyrics as well…) – 15:00 minutes
2. Defenders of the West – 6:00 >
3. Enthroned in Clouds and Fire – 10:00
4. Celephais (working title…) – 6:00
5. Blacksmith of Kochel (working title…) – 3:00
6. The Poetry of Kingship – 10:00

Manuel has also stated that “So far 30-40 minutes of finished songs, fragments, riffs we still need to arrange in a proper way… We’re not heading for a certain playing time. As soon as we feel that the songs fit together and the album is complete, we will release it. No matter if it’s 40 minutes or 70 minutes. In any case we won’t release it before we’re 100% sure that it’ll be able to stand its ground as a worthy successor to “The Golden Bough”. That’s why it’ll probably take until late 2012 or maybe 2013 until you can hear the finished product. All members of the band will be engaged in very time-consuming activities in 2012. We still need to figure out, when to record the damn thing. Probably the first drum recordings will take place in October. We’ll have to see how to manage things from that point onward. In any case we won’t rush things. The album will be done when it’s done, even if it’ll take us until 2013. Stay tuned…”

Source: Official Band

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