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PAGAN ALTAR “The Lords of Hypocrisy” out soon on Cruz del Sur Music

Cruz del Sur music is proud to present “The  Lords of Hypocrisy”: this is the band’s new studio album after many years of inactivity during which the band seemed destined to be put to sleep. Luckily instead, “The  Lords of Hypocrisy” is the result of the great feedback received by Pagan Altar during this stint […]

PAGAN ALTAR in Stockholm (28/9/2012): gig report

Pagan Altar add a new mark in their cv, achieving one of the best gigs to remember within the loyal TemplarsFC! On a late September Friday night the latest ritual by the British band took place in the capital of cold Sweden. The performance and consequent feedback were way far from cold, though! They simply […]

PAGAN ALTAR “Judgement of the Dead” CD out 28/9/2012

In 1998 Pagan Altar released their first CD in order to put an end to the circulation of unauthorized bootlegged recordings.  When the material was sent out, the name of the album was arbitrarily changed to “Volume I” and manufactured this way, thus giving to the release the name it was known until today. Therefore […]