CONVENT GUILT releases “Angels in Black Leather”!


ConventGuilt bandshot2 CONVENT GUILT releases Angels in Black Leather!
Australia’s sensational CONVENT GUILT have made public today the first song off their upcoming album “Guns for Hire”, that will be released on vinyl by Cruz Del Sur Music on October 10 (Europe) and October 7 (rest of the world).

This limited vinyl edition comes in 500 copies, 150 of which in an ultra-limited orange-colored run. It also includes a poster, insert and digital download-card.

Compact disc edition availble on Shadow Kingdom Records.

Enjoy “Angels in Black Leather”!


MAUSOLEUM GATE announces artwork, tracklist and song streaming


MGateBandnLogo21 MAUSOLEUM GATE announces artwork, tracklist and song streaming

Finnish MAUSOLEUM GATE releases today the first track off their forthcoming, self-titled debut album to be released by Cruz Del Sur Music on October 10th in Europe and October t7th in USA.

“Magic of the Gypsy Queen” can be streamed here. It is total 80s metal worship, with hypnotic riffs and dramatic, theatrical vocals. MAUSOLEUM GATE’s influences emerge quite clearly from this song. Its debut album will be particularly appreciated by any lover of  late 1970s hard rock  (such as early Scorpions and Uriah Heep), and also early 80s metal (principally Saxon and the weird twists of Cirith Ungol).  The presence of unusual keys (Mellotron and Organ mainly) gives this album a spooky and somewhat tragic atmosphere, with long musical suites such as “Lost Beyond the Sun” and “Mausoleum Gate” that reach the highest peaks of an opera prima that will hardly pass unobserved.

MAUSOLEUM GATE’s out-of-nowhere appearance on the scene came very unexpectedly and immediately turned some heads – the band has already been invited to play at the next edition of famous German “Keep It True Festival” in April 2015 -. We are sure that their debut album will not just turn, but also behead quite a lot of others. [Read the rest of this entry...]

CONVENT GUILT announces debut cover artwork and tracklist

ConventGuilt CoverWeb CONVENT GUILT announces debut cover artwork and tracklist

CONVENT GUILT announces today the artwork of their much anticipated debut full-length “Guns for Hire” which will be released on LP by Cruz del Sur Music and on CD by Shadow Kingdom Records. As you can see, the painting of these four heavy metal horsemen riding onto a barren horizon hints at the best graphic tradition of classics such as MANILLA ROAD, CIRITH UNGOL and other obscure and timeless classic hard rock and metal.

This is what CONVENT GUILT from Sydney, Australia amply delivers: it sounds like a mix of the glorious and gritty ‘70s hard rock, the darker side of the NWOBHM and early ‘80s heavy metal from both sides of the Atlantic. Formed in 2010, the Guilt released their initial 4 track demo in mid-2012 and recently recorded their debut LP ‘Guns for hire’. Featuring veterans of the Aussie metal scene, CONVENT GUILT is a relatively new name – but it’s destined to conquer the heart and soul of any fan devoted to the early 80s metal sound.

In the classic tradition of every NWOBHM band, CONVENT GUILT‘s debut contains 8 killer tracks:

Angels in Black Leather
Don’t Close Your Eyes
Perverse Altar
They Took Her Away
Desert Brat
Convicts At Arms

Raw, dirty and yet terribly catchy guitar riffs (some even hinting at early AC/DC!) will carry you back to the golden age of metal: song titles such as “Angels in Black Leather”, “Desert Brat” or “Perverse Altar” tell more of what you will get in this album than any words could… CONVENT GUILT‘s filthy vocals and its massive rhythmic section finally produce an overdose of muddy rock and roll that will find its best expression during  savage live shows. This is an album that smells of dust, sweat and energy – basically what metal is made of!


pixel CONVENT GUILT announces debut cover artwork and tracklist