OLD MOTHER HELL Earns Rock Hard Magazine’s December 2017 ‘Demo Of The Month’!


Emerging German power/doom trio OLD MOTHER HELL have taken home the honors of Rock Hard magazine’s December 2017 “Demo Of The Month”, awarded to the band for their self-titled debut album. The six-song effort will be released on digital and vinyl platforms by Italy’s Cruz Del Sur Music in early 2018.

“We were absolutely thrilled when we got this fantastic piece of news,” says guitarist/vocalist Bernd Wener. “Rock Hard is one of the most important metal magazines in Germany and probably in the whole German-speaking area.”

The news caps off an impressive 2017 for OLD MOTHER HELL, who recorded their self-titled debut in May 2017 at Rama Studio Mannheim under the supervision of producer/engineer Jens Siefert. The album, originally released by the band in September, is a firebrand display of surging metal, capped off by Wener’s gritty vocals and tinges of doom and epic metal, uniquely positioning OLD MOTHER HELL as one of the most versatile new bands of the year.

However, Wener, along with bassist Ronald Senft and drummer Ruben André are no strangers to the German metal underground. The trio gradually honed their respective crafts in bands such as HATCHERY, GRAVEYARD, REFUGE and SHAPESHIFT before finding their true home in OLD MOTHER HELL.

“First the Cruz Del Sur Musicdeal, now ‘Demo Of The Month’ in Rock Hard,” notes Wener. “It is like all the dreams from our youth are finally coming true. Working your asses off in different bands for more than 20 years now and suddenly, you are in the right place at the right time with the right bandmates. Everything just seems to happen. We are deeply grateful for all this.”


“Old Mother Hell” track listing:

01. Another War

  1. Mountain
  2. Narcotic Overthrow
  3. Howling Wolves
  4. Kneel To No God
  5. Old Mother Hell


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CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC To Release OLD MOTHER HELL’s Debut Album On Digital And Vinyl Platforms

Cruz Del Sur Music will release the self-titled debut album from German metallers OLD MOTHER HELL on digital and vinyl platforms in early 2018.

OLD MOTHER HELL was formed in 2015 from the ashes of another local thrash act, HATCHERY, by guitarist/vocalist Bernd Wener, bassist Ronald Senft and drummer Ruben André. Their self-funded debut album was recorded in May 2017 in Rama Studio Mannheim by Jens Siefert, who mixed and produced the LP under the band’s watchful eye. The result is a striking balance between mountainous epic metal and a straightforward attack, with doom influences present, even as the band is playing pure, take-no-prisoners metal.

Comments the band: “We wanted to sound exactly as in our rehearsal room, just with a really fat sound. What should we say? Jens Siefert more than delivered on that wish. Regarding today’s listening and production standards, we are probably breaking every rule. Not anyone may like it, but we don‘t care. For us it was a fantastic journey through time back to the golden era of rock music.
Adds Wener: “I guess you could say that we are most proud of doing the album the way we wanted: recording live, the old-school way, not even doing a second guitar, grid-editing, drum samples, copy and paste or other ‘fancy’ stuff. It was a hell of a ride and felt absolutely fantastic and authentic. Jens captured that feeling and turned it into exactly the sound we wanted.”

With their first album already in the books and the ink dry on the digital and vinyl distribution deal for their self-titled album, OLD MOTHER HELL is already back in their rehearsal room, hard at work on new songs, all the while mapping a live show schedule that will bring their unique brand of metal in front of European audiences.

OLD MOTHER HELL isn‘t about plans,” concludes Wener. “We certainly don’t aim for being rock stars. We won’t buy into tours or such stuff. The first underground festival show, Frostbiter in Wuppertal, organized by the Deaf Forever Forum, is confirmed. We will organize some shows ourselves and just rock every stage as it comes our way. Meanwhile we are working on new songs for a second album and are more than thrilled to see all our new fans who gave us such great feedback when ordering the CD. Everything else? We will see.”

“Old Mother Hell” track listing:

Another War
Narcotic Overthrow
Howling Wolves
Kneel to No God
Old Mother Hell


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LADY BEAST Releases ‘Every Giant Shall Fall’ Lyric Video

Pittsburgh, PA NWOBHM-inspired upstarts LADY BEAST have issued the lyric video for “Every Giant Shall Fall”, a song from their forthcoming sophomore “Vicious Breed” studio album, which will be released November 17 via Italy’s Cruz Del Sur Music.

Comments lead singer Deb Levine: “It’s the DIO side of me that likes to take the listener on a journey or hear a story. The whole album essentially has a theme (only that we realized after listening over and over to the recordings) that was completely unintentional during my lyric writing. The theme is living, surviving and dying. Each song represents or tells a story of each of these acts. ‘Every Giant Shall Fall’ is a tale of survival. Not having everything you may need, but using what you have, including your spirit, to be victorious. In the song, the giant enemy was strong, but the people never gave up hope.”


Originally formed in 2009, LADY BEAST quickly immersed itself in the East Coast live scene, developing a reputation as a band who can seamlessly blend venerable classic metal sounds and thrash. Fronted by the charismatic Levine, LADY BEAST’s studio output helped catch the attention of Cruz Del Sur, who signed the band and sent them off into the studio to record “Vicious Breed”.


Recorded at +/- Studios in Pittsburgh under the supervision of Jason Jouver, “Vicious Breed” is LADY BEAST’s most dynamic album to date. Sporting a wide variety of moods and flavors, “Vicious Breed” features the speedy title track, downright heavy “Lone Hunter”, the balladry of “Always With Me” and the straight-up rock of “Get Out Of My Way”.


“Vicious Breed” track listing:

  1. Seal The Hex
  2. Lone Hunter
  3. The Way
  4. Always With Me
  5. Get Out
  6. Every Giant Shall Fall
  7. Sky Graves
  8. Vicious Breed


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