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Another exciting newcomer will make its debut on Cruz Del Sur Music: KING HEAVY from Chile!

KING HEAVY promo 1

Featuring the amazingly epic vocals of Luther Veldmark (Hooded Priest), KING HEAVY also features ex-Procession member Daniel Perez Saa on bass. KING HEAVY performs a blend of epic/doom metal with textured guitar lines and outstanding vocals. The  2014 debut EP “Horror Absoluto” put them prominently on the global metal map.The band is about to record their first full length debut album in sight of a mid-2015 release.

SACRAL RAGE joins Cruz Del Sur Music

sacralrage 4

Welcome on board to one of the most interesting European young bands, SACRAL RAGE from Greece!
After their 2013 debut EP “Deadly Bits of Iron Fragments”, SACRAL RAGE returns in 2105 with their first full length release “Illusions in Infinite Void” to be released in late March by Cruz Del Sur Music in compact disc and digital and by Underground Power in vinyl.
Bits of this monumental piece of “80s Texas Metal” (in the likes of Watchtower, S.A. Slayer etc.) can be heard on the demo-advance the band released in 2014, a release that made lovers of this style shake and secured the band a place on the next Keep It True festival line up.

A taste of SACRAL RAGE from their 2013 EP, “Master of A Darker Light“!

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