MAUSOLEUM GATE announce “Lost Beyond the Sun” streaming

mg promo 3 500x388 MAUSOLEUM GATE announce Lost Beyond the Sun streaming

As MAUSOLEUM GATE ‘s self-titled debut album release-date approaches, we are stoked to present another of its gripping tracks on streaming.

“Lost Beyond the Sun”, an epic 8-minute-long piece, it’s now available exclusively on streaming on Brave Words website.

Early reviews of the album describe the band as “Epic, Majestic and Bizarre…one of the best newcomers in years” (DEAF FOREVER.DE) and  “destined to be the next hot ticket item when it comes to vintage-sounding heavy metal” (Heavy Metal Time Machine). Make sure to check our newsletter (in fact, subscribers have priority on pre-orders and special deals) and tune on the website next week when the pre-order will start!

“Mausoleum Gate” will be released on compact disc and digital editions on Oct 10 in Europe, and Oct 7 in the USA .

A belated Vinyl edition is scheduled for Nov 10 due to delays in the manufacturing process we, unfortunately, cannot control.

CONVENT GUILT releases good and bad news

ConventGuilt bandshot CONVENT GUILT releases good and bad news

We are extremely sorry but because of to a production delay at the pressing factory outside of our control, we are forced to postpone the release of CONVENT GUILT’s “Guns For Hire” to November 6th.

Luckily, today it’s not all about bad news : in fact, the good news is that we have made public another song off the album. The track “Don’t Close Your Eyes” can be streamed now at our Bandcamp page:

“Guns For Hire” vinyl edition will be released with an A2 poster, insert w/ lyrics and download code for your digital files. Be prepared for a pummeling, punishing ride across the badlands of purest NWOBHM-inspired heavy metal!

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE announces album artwork, tracklist, and song stream on DECIBEL magazine

ApostleCover 500x500 APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE announces album artwork, tracklist, and song stream on DECIBEL magazine

U.S. Doomsters APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE will release “Of Woe and Wounds” on November 4 in North America through Cruz Del Sur Music. Decibel Magazine is streaming album track “Luna” exclusively at this location.

With its oppressive and crunching sound, APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE’s “Of Woe and Wounds” will rank among the heaviest album of 2014. From the 7-minute opener “Blackest of Times” to the ending “Luna,” APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE deliver an incredible performance that gives full sense to the sometimes-abused term “DOOM”. Mastered by Tony Reed (producer of last SAINT
VITUS’ album “Lillie: F-65”), this album confirms APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE as a versatile, multi-dimensional doom band that offers the most Sabbath-inspired sound around these days, blended with personal, oppressive yet dynamic atmospheres such as those found in “Push Mortal Coil” or “Whore’s Wings” (re-recorded hits from their 2012′s demo), or the long and haunting “Die Vicar Die”. The album also features the extraordinary work of talented Artist David Csicsely known for his illustrations of Mournful
Congregation, Solitude Aeternus, Wheel, Flight of Sleipnir releases. DOOM has never been so HEAVY!
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pixel APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE announces album artwork, tracklist, and song stream on DECIBEL magazine