After a pressing plant mismatch which pushed the release date one month further, the gigantic ATLANTEAN KODEX “The Golden Bough” deluxe double gatefold vinyl edition is finally available and ready to be shipped to all the customers who pre-ordered it. Thanks to you, and sorry again for the prolonged wait.

Although the album is techically sold-out, after all prepaid orders are served, there might still be some copies available! Best thing to do is to check our webstore in the next few days and check for availability. This release has had an enormous feedback and therefore at the moment is difficult to forecast whether the last few copies will make it to the store or not… although we say this with pride, we also understand that many fans are waiting for this rare item, and it is our best intention to try to make it available to the widest range of people. You better start watching our store, folks!!

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