TWISTED TOWER DIRE Record Release Party

TWISTED TOWER DIRE will perform on Friday August 5th at the Divebar in Raleigh, NC to present “Make it Dark”. Mark this date on your calendars, as it will be the official record release party hosted by the band in their native NC state, and endorsed by Cruz Del Sur Music.

“Make it Dark” has been favorably received by the press, and has been described as

“Loaded with vibrant, energetic, guitar driven metal with the true spirit of the 80s present in every note, this is a helluva lot of fun to play and play loud!” –

“Their NWOBHM influences such as Tygers of Pan Tang and Diamond Head, along with a touch of modern traditional metal like Icarus Witch, White Wizzard and Cauldron shine through on the eight tracks on Make It Dark.”

We would like to remember that a vinyl version of “Make it Dark” is still available, although being sold pretty fast. You can purchase your copy trough our online store clicking on the buy now icons below.

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