Cruz del Sur Offers FREE Shipping for EUROPEAN Orders!!!

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC SRL offers free shipping for European orders!

In year 2011 shipping cost have been worrying us, since the tremendous raise of Italian Postage costs in January (which resulted in an incremented of 80% and above in some cases). Unfortunately, while we have the power to decide our prices and maintain them at the same level with the past two years, we have no control over shipping costs. Since February 2011 we started working with DHL GLOBAL MAIL for our shipments, and the rates have been more reasonable than the normal Italian mail, with an increased delivery rate as well. So far we have recorded a successful parcel delivery percentage of around 98-99% (no jokes!), and therefore we have been very satisfied with this service.Nevertheless, some customers have lately brought up the issue of excessive shipping cost.

We understand that is unpleasant to pay more postage than the product itself, but as already said, the shipping cost is determined by the weight of the product and the packaging. In order to find a solution and make some of our customers happy, we have decided to offer free shipping in Europe for orders over 70,00€. Shipments will be made with UPS so it’s very important that you provide us with a correct phone number in case UPS need to get in touch with you regarding the delivery.

With this decision, we hope to regain your approval and satisfaction… make sure you visit our stand at the next Hammer of Doom Festival in Würzburg! Talk to us then!!!

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Cruz del Sur Music SRL Staff

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