Exclusive PHARAOH “Ten Years” Digital Download on newly launched Cruz del Sur’s BANDCAMP!!

As Cruz Del Sur Music is always striving to deliver the best to its customers and fans, as of today we are happy to launch our official Bandcamp page. In an effort to be able to offer you, the fans, some quality audio previews of our new releases, together with full streaming versions of some of our most popular albums, Cruz Del Sur is now offering a new, extremely user friendly and high quality interface to get some of today’s best heavy metal straight into your speakers.

To celebrate this event, we are offering an exclusive digital download of PHARAOH‘s “Ten Years” CD Ep for 5 euros only. This is what the fine folks at “Invisible Oranges” have written about this release:

“Pharaoh sounds a lot like Brave New World era Iron Maiden. Tim Aymar’s vocals are a bit rougher than Bruce Dickinson’s. The riffs are just a tad more progressive and a tad more unconventional than Maiden’s, but they are drawing from the same framework of melodies and harmonies. The songwriting and riffing is at worst rock-solid and at best, genius. Lyrically, Pharaoh’s songs tend to be about more personal topics than Maiden’s, although Pharaoh will occasionally drop in a song about fantasy or historical topics.” by Richard Street-Jammer

Still not convinced? Ok, the following is the reason why we went for Bandcamp.

Good. Now that you have listened to this, check out our profile and headbang to more great music from the likes of DARK FOREST, ATLANTEAN KODEX, SLOUGH FEG, TWISTED TOWER DIRE and CRESCENT SHIELD. The page is still growing, so check back for more later… and remember you can easily buy the CDs or LPs directly from Bandcamp as well!!!

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