DARK FOREST new album “The Awakening” announced

dark forest, the awakening, cruz del sur music

dark forest, the awakening, cruz del sur music
and CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC are proud to announce the upcoming and imminent release of “The Awakening”, third studio album for the West Midlands-based quintet, which also introduces the new members Josh Winnard (ex-Wytch Hazel)  and Pat Jenkins respectively on vocals and  on guitars.

Dark Forest’s innate sense of melody remains intact on “The Awakening”, as well as the band’s trademarked epic twin-guitar dueling, but this time the album is permeated by a general sense of oppression and sorrow and sounds much more reflective than their previous works. Not by coincidence, “The Awakening” opens with the ending lines of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem “ The Mask of Anarchy” and ends with the anthem “Sons of England”.  The  awakening must be both spiritual and intellectual and through the rediscovery of our roots and a connection to nature, must lead all humanity to remember the truth – that we are infinite consciousness and we are one. This is the realisation that will defeat the global control system of the elite and set humanity free.

 The album is recorded in 444hz instead of the standardized 440hz tuning. The decision was based by studying the lost “Solfeggio frequencies”, original sound frequencies which were apparently used in Ancient Gregorian Chants and were believed to impart “spiritual blessings when sung in harmony” and also by studying the nefarious origins of 440hz. Tuning to 444hz corresponds to a “C” of 528hz on the Solfeggio Frequency Scale, the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA.  This frequency is also believed to encourage “Transformation and Miracles” .

“The Awakening will be released by Cruz Del Sur Music on Feb 28th 2014 on cd/lp/digital.

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