Dark Forest are about to enter the studio to record their third full length album!


DARK FOREST are about to enter the studio to record their Third full-length, and second release for Cruz del Sur Music!
The album will be called The Awakening and will consist of nine brand new thunderous heavy metal songs, the titles for which are as follows (these are not in order of the final track list):

The Awakening
Secret Commonwealth
Penda’s Fen
Turning of the Tide
Rise Like Lions
Immortal Remains
Sacred Signs
The Last Season
Sons of England

On May 28th the band will be returning to Hellfire Studios to work with producer/engineer Ajeet Gill. It’s been four years since Dark Forest worked with Ajeet to produce their Defender EP and now with a new studio, located in South Derbyshire, plus brand new (and analogue) equipment, the band are very excited to be working with him again.

There will be more album details and artwork info coming up soon as well as video updates from the studio so stay tuned!