MAUSOLEUM GATE signs with Cruz Del Sur Music

Get ready for one of the most intriguing and fascinating debut of 2014!

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC is extremely pleased and proud to welcome Finnish sensational newcomers MAUSOLEUM GATE in its roster!
At the end of 2013 we were introduced to their latest promo, thanks to producer Bart Gabriel … A glorious and pure offering of retro Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, deeply rooted in a late-70s/early-80s  atmosphere.
Forged in the blood of Saxon, in the power and rudeness of the NWOBHM movement, in the spritual, epic nature of Cirith Ungol but even in the elegance of Uriah Heep… A perfect band for Cruz Del Sur Music profile.

 MAUSOLEUM GATE will release their self-titled debut album in mid October 2014 under the sign of Cruz Del Sur Music, in compact disc, vinyl and digital formats.

Their sold-out cassette EP “Gateways For the Wicked” will be soon re-press by the band itself on compact disc so watch out for it at the next Keep It True festival!