ATLANTEAN KODEX makes it ROCK HARD GERMANY Record of the Month!!!

We are extremely proud to announce that ATLANTEAN KODEX “The Golden Bough” made it ROCK HARD’s Germany Record of the Month!! It is with great excitement that we announce this, and we are  very proud that one of the most influential metal magazines in Germany recognized the value and power of their own best heavy metal band!! The Bavarian combo has finally taken its own land by storm, and “The Golden Bough” is the living proof of this achievement. Click on the picture to read the full review, in German, of course. Many thanks to Michael for the scans!!

This is a scan of ROCK HARD’s soundcheck where every writer is giving the record his own vote. If you still haven’t purchased the album, the humble suggestion is to do it now, so that in a few years you will probably be able to tell your friends “I got it when it first came out and that first edition now is one of the jewels of my record collection”. Do not think twice!!