PHARAOH: Work(s) in progress!

After almost two-year silence it’s time for PHARAOH to hit the road again, with a bunch of new releases coming out 2010-2011.
Following the incredible success of their third album “Be Gone” (Cruz Del Sur Music 2008) and their first-ever live appearances at Keep It True festival (Germany) and at the Alehorn of Power (Chicago, US), the band took a little break which has now finally come to an end.

The first item to be released is a 7’’ split EP with fellow-mates CANVAS SOLARIS (Sensory Records). These two bands have committed to an excited but demanding task, covering each one a different CORONER song! PHARAOH performs a very professional and convincing version of CORONER’s classic “Tunnel of Pain”, while CANVAS SOLARIS hits the right notes with their personal version of “Arc-Lite”. This 7’’ is to be intended as a tribute to the legendary Swiss band of which both PHARAOH and CANVAS SOLARIS are long-time fans!
The release will see the light before summer 2010 and will be strictly available through Cruz Del Sur Music mail-order and other selected sales point. Read more “PHARAOH: Work(s) in progress!”