CONVENT GUILT to release debut album “Guns for Hire” in October


CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC announces the release of CONVENT GUILT debut “Guns for Hire” on October 7th 2014 on vinyl format.

Convent Guilt is a heavy metal band from Sydney, Australia, formed in 2010 that has released their initial 4 track demo in mid-2012. Featuring veteran members of the Australian metal scene, the band draws its influences from glorious and gritty ‘70s hard rock, the darker side of the NWOBHM and early ‘80s heavy metal from both sides of the Atlantic.

CONVENT GUILT‘s vocalist and bassist Ian remarked that “‘Guns for hire‘ was recorded at A Sharp Studios in Sydney and features 8 tracks of rough yet melodic hard rock/heavy metal. It is more polished than the Convent Guilt demo though we think it keeps the same charm. It sounds like four hard rock renegades riding headlong to oblivion. Get on board!”

Keep checking for updates and song previews, as “Guns for Hire” will definitely turn some heads in 2014!!

PAGAN ALTAR “Time Lord” Ep to be released by Cruz del Sur Music!!

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC is proud to announce the European release of PAGAN ALTAR’s “The Time Lord” EP for the first time on cd format!

PAGAN ALTAR is a legendary dark metal band hailing from UK, led by Terry (vocals) and Alan (guitar) Jones. Formed in the late 70s, PAGAN ALTAR wasn’t able to gain the success they deserved during the NWOBHM explosion, being their proposal quite out of the Metal classic schemes of those days. As a consequence, the band was put on hiatus. Read more “PAGAN ALTAR “Time Lord” Ep to be released by Cruz del Sur Music!!”