AN IMPORTANT NOTICE for all the customers who pre-ordered the ATLANTEAN KODEX‘s DOUBLE GATEFOLD LP

We regret to inform that the delivery of the ATLANTEAN KODEX’s DOUBLE GATEFOLD LP is delayed.

Initially scheduled for a 7th of October street date, we just got today unexpected news from the pressing plant, informing us that the delivery has been postponed to the first week of November.
The pressing plant claims that they were waiting for a confirmation on our side (requested on the 27th of Sept) regarding the approval of the graphic files.
The problem is that we never received such a notice.

Since in the meantime a “big production” has come in, our release was postponed.
We would even have accepted a 7-day delay or similar as part of our “responsibility” (the lack of communication?), but we really feel that one month delay is too much.

We really expected to start shipments around the 10th of October, and it is with great disappointment and scorn that we are giving this communication to all the customers and the fans out there.

All the files and audio masters were delivered to the pressing plant on the first week of September (together with the advanced payment!), and the test pressing was approved on the 24th of September.

Besides, our communications with the pressing plant have always been extremely fast in order to have the release out at the expected time.
Moreover, prior to this unfortunate event, we already shipped part (cds/shirts) of those orders which also included the vinyl, without charging any extra; we did that with the pure intention of providing a good service to the people who trusted Cruz Del Sur Music placing their pre-orders.

Therefore, rest assured that as soon as the records reach our offices, they will go directly from the shipping boxes into your mail boxes.

We feel very sorry for all the customers who have been and still are so trustful and kind ordering their copy on pre-order.

We don’t have enough words to apologize, it’s a big disillusion for us in the first place, and something which is not bound to happen again.


Cruz Del Sur Music Staff.

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