SLOUGH FEG “The Animal Spirits” released in Late October

SLOUGH FEG newest album will be released by Cruz del Sur Music on October 22nd 2010. Any fan of “true metal” should be aware of this San Francisco band which has delivered some of the most eclectic, powerful and truthful heavy metal for the past 20 years.

Although Mike Scalzi and his band mates have often broke the boundaries between the rock/metal and hard rock fields, the story of SLOUGH FEG has always been that of a band moving on the borders of notoriety and unawareness.

2009 has marked a turning point for the band, with the release of their full length “Ape Uprising”, the US tour with THE SWORD and their participation to the soundtrack of EA’s videogame “Brutal Legend”; now celebrating their 20-year long career, SLOUGH FEG delivers their 8th full length album, “The Animal Spirits” on Cruz Del Sur Music.

“The Animal Spirits” in concept, visuals and music represents a return to the SLOUGH FEG origins with a more direct approach, less frills and more pure heavy metal action riffing.

As for the significance of the album title “The Animal Spirits”, Scalzi delves further: “The title sounds like it could mean plenty of things, but really refers to an Aristotelian theory of perception that was somehow taken seriously until the mid to late 1700’s (?!) Why this was I don’t know, but it involves these bizarre fluid called ‘animal spirits’ travelling through a person’s veins carrying information of what they have perceived, storing it in the heart, and then releasing it again when that thing is remembered. It really is a primitive precursor to the idea of neurons firing in a chain, containing ideas. So that’s what people will find if they do a little research about the title.”.

For fans of obscure, quality heavy metal, “The Animal Spirits” besides having some of the best SLOUGH FEG’s material to date, closes up with a final fast, driving rock/metal gem called ‘Tactical Air-War’, with special guest vocals sung by Bob Wright of BROCAS HELM, another San Francisco’s seminal heavy metal combo.

Touring wise, SLOUGH FEG have been confirmed for the HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR (Germany) in July 2011. The show will be part of a small European tour, which will see them play in UK, Portugal and Greece as well. Interested promoters can get in touch with Cruz del Sur Music regarding booking offers and inquires.

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