RAVENSIRE premieres “Cromlech Revelations” on Decibel!


Portuguese Epic Metal heroes RAVENSIRE have revealed today the opening track of their forthcoming album “The Cycle Never Ends”.

DECIBEL MAGAZINE is America’s premier Heavy Metal printed magazine on monthly basis, and we are proud to have RAVENSIRE’s “Cromlech Revelations” stream available on its  website!



“The Cycle Never Ends” will be released by Cruz Del Sur Music on Feb 5 2016 in Europe and Feb 12 in United States on Compact Disc and Digital. The Vinyl edition will be released in March.

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC to release RAVENSIRE “”The Cycle Never Ends”!

logo Ravensire
Cruz De Sur Music welcomes on its roster Portuguese Epic Metal Heroes RAVENSIRE!
Formed around 2010, RAVENSIRE have built a strong reputation in the European Underground Metal movement with their two previous albums “Iron Will” (2012) and “We March Forward” (2013).

Being RAVENSIRE’s sound genuinely devoted to the likes of OMEN, old MANOWAR, BROCAS HELM both albums have been highly acclaimed by Epic Metal fans, giving the band the boost to improve evenfurther the songwriting process on their third opus “The Cycle Never Ends”.

A first song, “Temple At The End of the World” (final part of “The White Pillars” trilogy) has already been released on Youtube:



The Cycle Never Ends” will be released in early 2016 on compact disc, vinyl and digital.


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