RAVENSIRE Enters Studio To Record Third Full-Length, ‘A Stone Engraved In Red’

Portuguese heavy metal battalion RAVENSIRE has entered Studio 13 in Lisbon to begin work on their third full-length album, “A Stone Engraved In Red”. The album will be engineered once again by Paulo ‘Paulão’ Vieira and is due next summer via Cruz Del Sur Music.

The follow-up to 2016’s “The Cycle Never Ends” will be the first to feature new members Mário (guitar) and Alex (drums), both of whom took part in live activity that saw RAVENSIRE take their brand of traditional metal into Europe. According to founding guitarist Nuno, “A Stone Engraved In Red” will feature all the trademarks of RAVENSIRE’s sound, but with some new twists.
“We have started exploring a bit more when it comes to developing musical themes inside a song,” he says. “We have a couple of longer — even by our standards — songs, with plenty of changes in moods and tempo. The material is quite diverse and, personally, it is always a good sign when you listen to your own stuff and enjoy it!
“The songwriting remained the same for us,” he continues. “Someone will come up with a skeleton for a song more or less finished, and then we work it up as a whole band and everyone adds their part. There is one song, however, that was co-written by me and Mário. He did come up with an initial idea and then I added other parts and we created a structure. But, that was the exception to the norm!”
Nuno confirms song titles such as “Carnage at Karnag”, “Gabriel Lies Sleeping” and “The Games Of Titus” and their own tribute to recently-deceased MANILLA ROAD leader Mark Shelton, “After The Battle”. “Mark gave so much to the scene, so we felt it was right to dedicate this song to him. In addition, we have another tribute called ‘Dawning In Darkness’, which is dedicated to Hartmuth ‘Barbarian Wrath’ Schindler who had a terrible misfortune in the hospital and has been in a coma for more than a year. We want to pay our deepest respect and friendship to both of them.”

Like previous RAVENSIRE efforts, the album artwork for “A Stone Engraved In Red” will be in black and white, although Nuno admits there may be a surprise within the cover. As such, Nuno says the title of the album has a deeper meaning for the band: “It’s a statement that no matter what we do, we want it to be rock solid and stand the test of time, just like the epitaphs of old.”

RAVENSIRE Announce Lineup Changes, New Festival Assaults

Portuguese battle metal outfit RAVENSIRE has announced the addition of guitarist Mário Figueira and drummer Alex Fonseca. The pair replaces Zé RockHard and Francisco Machado, respectively. The band’s most recent album, “The Cycle Never Ends”, was released in 2016 by Italy’s Cruz Del Sur Music.

Comments guitarist Nuno: “After we finished recording our album ‘The Cycle Never Ends’, we started preparing for the shows that would follow. Unfortunately, after a while, started facing some changes in his personal life that prevented him from rehearsing as much as he would’ve liked. So, after a few weeks in a sort of limbo, he finally approached us and told us that he couldn’t continue playing with the degree of commitment needed, so he’d leave the band in order for us to find a replacement as soon as possible. After some searching, we had a few guys willing to step into Zé’s shoes.

“So, we planned a few auditions and there was no question that Mário would be the one taking the battleaxe for future battles! Although Mario played mainly in death metal acts in the last decade (BLEEDING DISPLAY, for example), recently he had been reconnecting to his roots and started playing in a hard rock band called 15 FREAKS. Another fun fact was that way before left the band, he saw a RAVENSIRE concert and enjoyed our sound so much that he got in touch with us! Who knew that one year later he’d be joining the fold?”

Shortly after the departure of Zé, long-time drummer Francisco Machado stepped down from RAVENSIRE, citing personal matters.Honestly speaking, this was an even bigger blow, because F had been one of the main forces in getting RAVENSIRE together,” says Nuno. “Of course, we fully understood his motives and nothing changed in our friendship. This time, though, instead of trying to find a replacement and going through auditions and whatnot, we went straight to MIDNIGHT PRIEST‘s drummer Alex since we knew he was available to commit to another band and we’ve been friends and mutual fans of each other’s bands since the beginning!”

RAVENSIRE’s lineup now consists of:

Rick – Vocals / Bass

Nuno – Guitar

Mário – Guitar

Alex – Drums

With their new lineup in place, RAVENSIRE has begun work on their third full-length album, which they plan on recording during the first half of 2018. The band has also planned some new live assaults:


December 9, 2017: Riddle Of Steel Festival, Marburg, Germany with A SOUND OF THUNDER, HEATHENS OF THE NORTH, ARKHAM WITCH, IRONSWORD, BATTLE RAM
December 22, 2017: Cascais, Portugal with CAPE TORMENT, MIND TAKER and TUMENT
February 16, 2018: Bordeaux, France with SILVER MACHINE
February 17, 2018: Rennes, France with SILVER MACHINE


April 14, 2018: IX Metalmeria Fest, Almeria, Spain

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