TWISTED TOWER DIRE “Make it Dark” artwork & details released!

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC is proud to announce the upcoming release of “Make it Dark”, Virginia’s TWISTED TOWER DIRE fifth full-length studio album, to hit the streets on the 2nd of May 2011.

TWISTED TOWER DIRE’s name has been a synonymous for uncompromising HEAVY METAL  since its inception in 1995. Formed out “of a stubborn hatred for the 90’s anti-metal culture” as their website states, TWISTED TOWER DIRE have always been able to maintain a respectable profile, not following transitory trends but keeping true to their original metal beliefs.

After their 2007 release “Netherworlds” TTD took a short break  and welcomed new singer Johnny Aune in the line-up, who came to replace Tony Taylor, tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident on the 6th Feb 2010.

In terms of songwriting “Make It Dark” represents probably the most mature album ever written by TTD. Using a more direct approach, the band has written a very compact sounding release, unleashing  some immediate catchy hit songs as well as other numbers  carrying on with the more traditional TTD trademark sound.

The cover has been greatly illustrated by UK artist Martin Hanford (already known to the metal world for having graced the covers of Slough Feg, Bal Sagoth, Isen Torr, Warhammer and many more) who has also illustrated the records’ 20 pages booklet… with a strong comic book influence, “Make It dark” will also be a visual feast for all the fans.

“Make it Dark” is a sum of all those elements which made the pillars of rock/metal  music: guitar and vocal melodies riding well above the standards, catchy refrains and most important, the feeling that each and every of these songs might become a metal classic!  Every song features a revisited traditional metal formula that ranges from classic US Metal to Kiss and Van Halen’s sound!

Strengthened by Chris Salamone’s (While Heaven Wept) post-studio work, “Make it Dark” is a serious candidate as a 2011 top metal releases.

The tracklist is as follow:

1. Mystera
2. Snow Leopard
3. The Stone
4. Make It Dark
5. White Shadow
6. The Only Way
7. Torture Torture
8. Beyond The Gate

Check out a recent live version of TWISTED TOWER DIRE‘s classic “Axes and Honor” performed at the Divebar in Raleigh, NC on January 21st… this is a good preview of the punishing metal live assault these masters are able to deliver! “Make it dark” will be one of the most interesting metal releases of the year, hands down!


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