SLOUGH FEG “The Animal Spirits” Vinyl Edition is coming

SLOUGH FEG “The Animal Spirits” has been successfully acclaimed all over Europe and beyond. Now it’s time for Cruz Del Sur Music to grace the fans with a deluxe vinyl edition of one of the tightest releases SLOUGH FEG has wrapped up to date.

This edition has been totally reworked from the masters by sound engineer wizard Justin Weis at Trakworx studios, featuring high resolution (24 bit/96kHz .wav) audio empowering for more sonic clarity and depth.  Reduced peak limiting for a more natural sound and better level have also been overtaken for this vinyl reproduction. You can therefore expect an item which should stand tall, and possibly even taller, than the normal CD edition.

The track list has also been adjusted to make the tracks fit better on the two vinyl sides, resulting in the following changes:

1. Trick The Vicar
2. The 95 Thesis
3. Materia Prima
4. Free Market Barbarian
5. Ask The Casket
6. Heavyworlder
7. Lycanthropic Fantasies
8. The Tell-Tale Heart
9. Kon-Tiki
10. Second Coming
11. Tactical Air-War

The shipping date will be announced as soon as possible, and will be anyways scheduled for a February release.

Last but not least, you can check another review for SLOUGH FEG “The Animal Spirits” published on Full Metal Attorney website. Adrian Maestas’ bass playing skills have been compared to RUSH, so check it out, and love it!!

More details about this release and SLOUGH FEG 2011 Summer European tour will be announced on this website very soon, so keep tuned and waiting for best San Francisco’s metal band to come again slashing our shores…

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