ATLANTEAN KODEX special pre-order and “Sol Invictus” video released

We at Cruz del Sur are obviously very excited to present the second full-length of highly acclaimed German regressive metallers ATLANTEAN KODEX, “The White Goddess  – A grammar  of poetic  myth“. The album  will be released  on  October  4th  2013  as the  successor  to the band‘s highly acclaimed  debut „The Golden  Bough“(2010). It will  be  made available on  CD by Cruz del Sur Music in all territories except for the USA, where it will be released by 20 Buck Spin Records.

To celebrate the loyalty of its more dedicated fans and customers, Cruz del Sur Music has decided to offer an exclusive combo containing the CD version of “The White Goddess” and an exclusive ATLANTEAN KODEX embroidered patch to the first 200 mailing list subscribers who will order it. Please note that this offer will not be available through our website or online store, but ONLY and exclusively through a Paypal link contained in our newsletter.

You want to order this special edition? It’s very simple: subscribe to our mailing list by filling your details in the form at the top right column of our website, and you will be eligible!

Act fast, because once this promotional 200 copies are gone, this combo won’t be available anymore.

We are also happy to announce and publish a brand new video of “Sol Invictus” taken from the new album…start savoring the goods!!


“‘The White Goddess’ is a triumph  of  heaviness and  melancholy,  a  monument  to  the  spirit of underground  metal  and  the  mythology of  old  Europe.“,  says drummer  Weiss.  „Our  sound  has grown darker and heavier, like the world has grown darker and heavier in the past few years. At the same  time  our  70s  roots  and  our  love  for  Bathory and  old  Manowar  are  still  there.  Imagine Quorthon raping  Uriah Heep while  ,Into Glory ride‘ is blasting from  an old  tapedeck“, adds guitar player Trummer.

Indeed the band has progressed much since their debut effort „The Golden Bough“. The sound is more  mature,  more dramatic, more  bombastic.  Everything  on  the  album  spells HUGE in  capital letters.  While  the  key coordinates  old  Manowar  (Ross  the  Boss-era),  Bathory (Twilight-era) and obscure  US  Metal  (Fates  Warning,  Cirith  Ungol,  Warlord…)  are  still  dominant,  the  band  has manage to explore new ground with „The White Goddess“.

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    are exclusive ATLANTEAN KODEX embroidered patches still available? I’m looking for one or two. Of course I would buy also the CD’s if I have to. Please let me know. Thanks.

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