SLOUGH FEG “The Animal Spirits” Vinyl Edition is coming

SLOUGH FEG “The Animal Spirits” has been successfully acclaimed all over Europe and beyond. Now it’s time for Cruz Del Sur Music to grace the fans with a deluxe vinyl edition of one of the tightest releases SLOUGH FEG has wrapped up to date.

This edition has been totally reworked from the masters by sound engineer wizard Justin Weis at Trakworx studios, featuring high resolution (24 bit/96kHz .wav) audio empowering for more sonic clarity and depth.  Reduced peak limiting for a more natural sound and better level have also been overtaken for this vinyl reproduction. You can therefore expect an item which should stand tall, and possibly even taller, than the normal CD edition. Read more “SLOUGH FEG “The Animal Spirits” Vinyl Edition is coming”

SLOUGH FEG:Mike Scalzi from the ’80s Metal Vault!

Check out Uk’s UBERROCK webmagazine since Anthony Allen Van Hoek did an amazing interview with Mike Scalzi not only talking about SLOUGH FEG and their latest Cruz del Sur Music album “The Animal Spirits”: this guy met Scalzi back in the day when SLOUGH FEG still had to be formed, and put together a band with him… Heart of Darkness!! We are talking about prehistory of American Heavy Metal and you have to read this interviews, at least to see some great vintage Scalzi’s pictures when he was only 16!! Read more “SLOUGH FEG:Mike Scalzi from the ’80s Metal Vault!”


“The Animal Spirits”,  SLOUGH FEG’s eight full lenght album, is now available for pre-orders via Cruz del Sur Music.

To pre-order, log into our store or click on the record cover in the right sidebar.

We have asked a few questions to singer-guitarist Mike Scalzi regarding this new release which is already receiving some outstanding critical acclaim… Read more “SLOUGH FEG “The Animal Spirits” PRE-ORDERS OPEN NOW!”