DARK FOREST announces line-up change

Cruz del Sur Music and DARK FOREST would like to render public the latest news regarding the bands’ ongoings, as over the last couple of months things may have seemed quiet in the Dark Forest camp but under the surface there has been a lot going on!

Firstly, DARK FOREST has been busily engaged in the writing and rehearsing of a new album which will be released some point later this year.

Secondly, it is our painful duty to announce that James Lees has left the band. This may come as a shock for fans that have followed us since the early days, as Jim was one of the original Dark Forest members, joining the band ten years ago when he was just thirteen years old! He decided to call it a day, saying that he feels his time in the band has run its course and he wants to explore and concentrate on other areas in his life. Even though it was painful for the band to accept, we respect his decision and would like to thank Jim for his huge contribution in making Dark Forest what it is and for all the fun we’ve had over the last ten years! We’re all still best of friends with Jim and he continues to support the band whole heartedly.

Thirdly, DARK FOREST has been extremely fortunate in finding a new guitarist who is, we all agree, the only person who could possibly have replaced Jim.

Here is a message from Jim –

“It’s been a terrific 10 years of crisp melodies, rampant intoxication and illegitimate children. Thanks to all of the labels over the years for supporting many ventures and taking the Forest to foreign shores. Huge gratitude to the many fans out there, thanks for the support. I leave Dark Forest in the capable hands of Mr Patrick Jenkins (of Grene Knyght fame), he will takeover my guitar duties, the lucky sod. And of course, thanks to the Dark Forest boys themselves, cheers chaps, it’s been a fucking blast! Be seeing you.”

So it is our delight to announce that Patrick Jenkins is officially on board with us as second lead guitarist. Read more “DARK FOREST announces line-up change”

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL “For the Love of Thugs and Fools” pre-orders start June 1st

We are proud to announce that the new album from Chicago’s heavy metal masters BIBLE OF THE DEVIL, “For the Love of Thugs and Fools”, will be available on pre-order starting June 1st 2012.

On the same day, you will be able to purchase its digital download version, and hear a full streaming preview of the album at Cruz del Sur Music’s Bandcamp page. Please click on the button below to pre-order your copy:

As of today, please tune up on Bandcamp and hear a preview of another song from this much anticipated album: “Can’t Turn Off the Sun”. Click HERE to listen to he song, and please leave your comments below!!

And if this was not enough, we have also reached BIBLE OF THE DEVIL’s guitarist Nate Perry to ask a few questions regarding this new, punishing album:

“For the love of thugs and fools” seems to be a tribute to the eerie world of rock and rollers and metal heads. We certainly know that BOTD has hit the road enough to be able to tell us a thing or two about them. Why did you come up with such an album concept?
Nate Perry – There’s a saying among people who write: “write what you know.” On this album, most of these song lyrics stay away from anything fantasy-based, which is pretty typical in metal and something we’ve dabbled in as well. But generally, when we’re working on a record, the first song we finish tends to set the tone for the rest of the writing. Read more “BIBLE OF THE DEVIL “For the Love of Thugs and Fools” pre-orders start June 1st”


On Saturday, March 26th, TWISTED TOWER DIRE, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT and WIDOW will be playing a benefit concert at Volume 11 Tavern in Raleigh, North Carolina, for Tony “Dio”
Leonardo, a local metal promoter who recently underwent a nephrectomy. Read more “TWISTED TOWER DIRE and WHILE HEAVEN WEPT Benefit Live Show”