OLD MOTHER HELL: New guitarist and shows in 2022

Finally! Old Mother Hell will be playing live shows again in 2022. Also they would like to introduce everyone to their new guitar player: Frank Herbold.

“We are more than thrilled to start the next phase as Old Mother Hell will come as a pack of four in the future. Bernd wanted to focus entirely on vocals, so we were looking hard for a new guitar player” explains the band.

From now on Frank Herbold (WeedWizard, Baleful Abyss) is wielding the axe at Old Mother Hell. With him the band will sound more aggressive and powerful than ever, because his affection for old school doom and death metal are unmistakeable. His ruthless riffs will drive everybody into a frenzy!

Bernd: “As some might know, I always looked at myself primarily as a singer and taking over the guitar in Old Mother Hell was more or less born out of necessity. I am happy to get rid of this double workload and also that Frank is breathing new live into the band.”

“Frank is perfectly fitting into Old Mother Hell both musically as well as personally. The rehearsals together are really terrific for all of us. If the C-bullshit doesn’t thwart our plans, Flesh Fest 8 in Schweinfurt will be our first show with the new line-up” the band elaborates on the news.

Frank: “I knew the guys for quite a long time and was thrilled when Ronny called me. Only a few rehearsal later everyone was sure it was bullseye perfect. I am already counting down the days till our first show and really looking forward to party with the fans out there.”

Old Mother Hell sincerely hope that Frank is as well received from the crowd as he is within the band and that they can get back on stage in 2022 and celebrate a Metal New Year!

Currently confirmed shows:

19.03.2022: Flesh Fest 8 in Schweinfurt

27.04.2022: Keep It True in Lauda-Königshofen

14.05.2022: Rock Inn e.V in Landeck in Tirol (AUT)

28.-30.07.2022: Headbangers Open Air Festival in Brande-Hörnerkirchen

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