SLOUGH FEG “The Animal Spirits” finally available in Europe!

SLOUGH FEG “The Animal Spirits” is finally available in Europe on CD through Cruz Del Sur Music! San Francisco’s metal masters’ last effort is whetever you might expect from a SLOUGH FEG platter, and even more… the press has already responded enthusiastically to this new full-lenght, probably the most complete the band released to date:

The Animal Spirits will hopefully alleviate a least a little bit of these sad facts, because it’s quite simply one of, if not THE band’s best effort to date. Again, while most obsessive Slough fans have their own personal preferences—2000’s Down Amongst the Deadmen, for example—what The Animal Spirits does so wonderfully is encompass all of the band’s myriad talents into one cohesive, well-flowing album. Emotional guitar playing from Scalzi and Angelo Trigali incorporates everything from moving Irish melody—a la Thin Lizzy—to a gritty, streetwise urban vibe reminiscent of early Maiden or even Running Wild. What the album really succeeds at, however, is filtering this through some ace songwriting; a level at which Slough Feg has never truly achieved or operated on before…at least not for quite some time.” from Read more “SLOUGH FEG “The Animal Spirits” finally available in Europe!”

SLOUGH FEG “The Animal Spirits” released in Late October

SLOUGH FEG newest album will be released by Cruz del Sur Music on October 22nd 2010. Any fan of “true metal” should be aware of this San Francisco band which has delivered some of the most eclectic, powerful and truthful heavy metal for the past 20 years.

Although Mike Scalzi and his band mates have often broke the boundaries between the rock/metal and hard rock fields, the story of SLOUGH FEG has always been that of a band moving on the borders of notoriety and unawareness. Read more “SLOUGH FEG “The Animal Spirits” released in Late October”


Mike Scalzi, singer-guitarist and frontman of the influential San Francisco’s classic metal kings SLOUGH FEG has finally announced that “The Animal Spirits”, the band’s 8th full-lenght album, is currently under final recording touches.

The album will probably take everyone by surprise, as always, when SLOUGH FEG is involved. “The Animal Spirits” appears to be a new step in the eclectic, powerful style choice of SLOUGH FEG, and the artwork will also reflect some changes. Unlike their previous releases, the artwork will be more simple and immediate to fit the album atmosphere better… Read more “SLOUGH FEG ANNOUNCES NEW ALBUM, “THE ANIMAL SPIRITS””