CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC: What Lies Ahed for Year 2011?

Year 2010 is coming to an end, and before we close the office for a while to enjoy the holiday seasons and some much needed rest, we want to sincerely thank all of CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC fans and supporters who made this year such an exciting one, so full with great releases and surprises.

Year 2010 has been somewhat of a crowning achievement for us, and closes up bringing the best wishes and wills for the next year 2011… which already looks quite bright ahead! We want to give you, the fans, a few anticipations about what will happen for CRUZ DEL SUR in the next few months.


First of all, as soon as we will re-open in January, a vinyl edition of the majestic SLOUGH FEG‘s “The Animal Spirits” will be finally available. San Francisco’s kings of metal are not new faces for CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC fans, and you all must know better how such an item is expected to sell fast… be ready to send your pre-orders as soon as they will be available.SLOUGH FEG will also be touring Europe next year for a string of festival appearances, so there is much more to be excited about. More details will come as soon as they are available, since we are still working together with the band to make this happen the best way possible, in order to reach the widest number of fans who have been waiting for some serious SLOUGHging for a long time…

Secondly, in March/April we will release TWISTED TOWER DIRE “Make it Dark”, the 5th studio album from this cult American metal band.  The band is using this album to redress some of the flaws of the previous “Netherworlds” and bounce back with a well produced catchy album which showcases the unique voice of new singer Jonny Aune, seeing as how this is the bands’ first album without their former singer Tony Taylor (RIP). The album is being mixed by Chris Salamon (While Heaven Wept producer) and assisted by Tom Phillips of WHW.

The other joker in CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC’s pack is definitely the new album by ARGUS “Boldly Stride The Doomed”: these Pennsylvania’s heavyweights of rocking doom, featuring members of PENANCE, are the latest band to have inked a contract with CRUZ DEL SUR. Their new album will be released in May. Citing Chris Barnes of HELLRIDE MUSIC, “You can’t argue with this band  on record, and they never miss a step live. It’s a shame that a veteran crew such as this isn’t touring (and headlining over) the current crop of  popular doom rockers such as The Sword, Early Man, etc.”

A couple more releases are planned for 2011, but still being in the decision-making process, we prefer not to announce anything more for the moment… rest assured tough that more quality metal is coming out under our banner during the summer and fall of 2011.


The first half of 2011 will see many CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC‘s current or old bands storming some of the most celebrated European stages. We will start in March with the first important live appointment in Athens, Greece: UP THE HAMMERS FESTIVAL, to be held on the 11th and 12th of March. WHILE HEAVEN WEPT will be playing together with bands like SOLSTICE, SACRED STEEL and OSTROGOTH.

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC will be present as a guest, and will have a dedicated merch stand. We are very happy to be able to meet some of our old and new Greek fans, so please come around!!

In April, it will be time to meet up in Germany, this time at the new edition of the prestigious HAMMER OF DOOM V FESTIVAL to be held on April 16th in Wurzburg. Besides the headlining presence of doom legends PENTAGRAM, ATLANTEAN KODEX, ARGUS and WHILE HEAVEN WEPT will be performing as well.

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC will have a dedicated merch stand… we are always very happy to go back to Germany and meet our friends up there… this festival is also expected to be one of those rare events happening, and will definitely mark a great start of year 2011.

A couple weeks later, we will also be present with our merch stand at the XIV edition of KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL, to be held on the 29-30th of April. Another great appointment not to miss, and another chance to get closer with our German and European fans.

This said, it is time for some Holiday Seasons: we wish you all the best time possible, happy times and a great New Year, and we’ll be back here in january ready to rock you harder than ever!

In metal,

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